Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500, Top Features & Price

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Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500

Recently, i purchased the Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 for BBQ grilling, and also, the Eid al Adha 2024 is coming. So, for testing, I cooked the BBQ on the Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500, and the results were really amazing.

The Phantom Grill series is a popular and special edition of Napoleon Prestige. It has a Silky matte black finish on the overall surface, including handles, badging, and side shelves.

Their price is a little bit expensive; their original price was $1,999 but in the sale, their price is $1,849. But is it really worth it to spend $1,849 on the grill? So on this page, I will review the Napoleon Phantom Prestige® 500 RSIB. I will tell you all the top features, Pros, and Cons and highlight the specific features that make this grill expensive and better than other grill brands.

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Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 Pros & Cons

✅ Modern Design❌ Price
✅ High Built Quality❌ Weight and Size:
✅ 4 main burners
with infrared rears
❌ Maintenance
✅ Lifetime Warranty
✅ Easy Cleaning

Top Features of the Napoleon Phantom Prestige® 500 RSIB:

  1. Innovative Grilling Technology: One of the standout features of this Phantom grill is infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ burners. There are 4 main burners with infrared rear and side burners. They have  80,000 BTUs, which quickly reach at high temperatures and cook your meat perfectly with great flavor.
  2. Smart Temperature Control: You can use this feature by installing the Napoleon app on your mobile phone; you can monitor and adjust the grill’s temperature in real-time. This feature makes grilling more easy.
  3. Iconic Wave™ Cooking Grids: This phantom grill has Iconic Wave™ cooking grids that distribute the heat across the grills but also give classic, restaurant-quality grill marks. This feature makes your BBQ dish more delicious. This grill has Dual-level, stainless steel sear plates that vaporize any food drippings and protect the stainless steel tube burners from damage and your food clean.
  4. Build Quality & Durability: The Quality and durability are the most important factors in the grills. The Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 has a stainless steel cooking grid and a unique wave shape, which provides more heat and prevents food from falling. This grill provides you with years of excellent grilling experience.
  5. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: To Clean the grill of other brands is difficult, but in Napoleon Phantom Grill, you can easily clean a full-width drip tray and reach all parts of the grill for routine maintenance, which ensures that your grill stays in top condition with minimal effort.
  6. Modern Design: The Napoleon Grill brand not only focuses on the features but also makes their products beautiful and modern. This grill’s backlit control knobs are lit with blue LED lights when the gas is on.
  7. Warranty: The Napoleon Grill brand provides a Lifetime Warranty on their products, which is beneficial for you.
Napoleon Phantom

Should you buy the Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500?

I think this girl is the best choice as compared to other grills. I personally used this grill and cooked the BBQ on it, and tasted so much good and perfectly cooked. Also, their design is modern, stylish and better than grill brands.

So, if you love grilling or need it for your business, then do not look further; the Napoleon brand grills are the best. It is not just a cooking appliance. It is a game changer in grilling.

Whether you are a chef, a home chef, or need a grill for your restaurant and you have the budget, then you must purchase this grill from this brand.

Napoleon Phantom grill


John Thompson has been grilling for over 5 years. He loves sharing his favorite recipes and tips on his blogs. He writes for top food magazines. John also teaches grilling workshops to help others enjoy BBQ as much as he does.

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