Blaze vs Coyote Grills: Find the Best Grill for Your Needs

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Blaze vs Coyote Grills

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Are you struggling to decide between a Blaze or Coyote grill

Don’t worry!!

I am here to help you make the right choice. Grilling is not just a way to cook food; it is a lifestyle. There are many options in the market for an outdoor grilling

Let’s pick the best backyard BBQ grills with my  comprehensive review of both brands. Blaze and Coyote grills are the two most demanded grilling options. But which one should you choose?

This article will delve into the features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Brand Overview

Blaze Coyote Grills brand overview

Blaze has quickly become a well-known brand in the outdoor cooking industry. From its invention (in 2012) to now they are offering a wide range of grills. Blaze specializes in freestanding to built-in options, catering to both residential and commercial markets.

Coyote is an old market player compared to Blaze Grill. Its high-end grills have a massive list of customers with over 20 years of experience. Coyote got this high rank in the market due to its superior functionality with a sleek design. Their product line includes a variety of sizes and styles.

Build Quality and Materials

Blaze Coyote Grills build quality

Blaze and Coyote are both known for their top-notch quality and durability. Both brands use high-grade stainless steel for their grills. However, Coyote takes it a step further by using commercial-grade stainless steel, which is more resistant to rust and corrosion.

Blaze and Coyote are both known for their top-notch quality and durability. Both brands use high-grade stainless steel for their grills. However, Coyote takes it a step further by using commercial-grade stainless steel, which is more resistant to rust and corrosion. 

In terms of warranty and support, Blaze offers a limited lifetime warranty for its burners, cooking grids, and housings. On the other hand, the Coyote brand also offers a lifetime warranty for its cooking grids and burners. 

While for the rest of the grill components, Coyote provides only a 2-year warranty.

Design and Aesthetics

Blaze grill & Coyote Grill design

Both Blaze and Coyote pride themselves on their sleek and modern designs. However, they have different design philosophies. Blaze focuses on functionality, while Coyote emphasizes aesthetics. Blaze offers a minimalistic design with straight lines and simple controls.

 On the other hand, Coyote offers more options for customization. It helps customers with different color choices and curved edges.

When it comes to ease of integration, Blaze grills offer a more seamless fit. Blaze has standard sizes that can be easily incorporated into any kitchen design. Coyote grills, on the other hand, may require customizations due to their non-standard dimensions.

Performance and Cooking Features

Blaze grill & Coyote Grills cooking performance

Both brands perform best in the heat distribution feature. They use advanced technologies, and both offer flame-stabilizing grids and heat zone separators. These features help ensure even heat distribution and minimal flare-ups.

Blaze grills offer a variety of burner types. The three main types are:

  • Traditional cast stainless steel burners, 
  • Infrared burners,
  • Sear zone burners. 

Coyote grills also offer a variety of options, including hybrid burners that combine both gas and charcoal. This grill offers a truly unique cooking experience. This allows for more versatility in grilling. It also expands the range of food that you can prepare on Coyote grills. 

In terms of additional cooking features, both brands offer: 

  • Rotisserie kits, 
  • Smoker boxes,
  • And side burners. 

However, Coyote offers more advanced options. Coyote’s built-in cutting boards and ice chests are not available in Blaze grills.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Blaze vs Coyote Grills Maintenance

Both Blaze and Coyote grills are user-friendly and easy to operate. They have simple controls and electronic ignition systems for quick start-ups. However, Coyote grills offer more innovative features, such as LED control knobs. It also provides internal halogen lights for night-time cooking.

In terms of maintenance, both brands recommend regular cleaning.  Blaze grills have removable drip trays for easy cleaning, while Coyote grills come with a built-in grease management system.

Price and Value for Money

Blaze, Coyote Grills pricing

When we compare both brands based on money, they are quite different. Blaze is a bit budget-friendly. It offers a large range of prices, from affordable to expensive options. Blaze’s price range lies between $799 and $3,000. 

Coyote grills, on the other hand,  are more expensive. Coyote’s starting price is $1,000 and goes up to $5,000. Their top-of-the-line models are out of the reach of the common public. Regarding value for money, both brands offer a great return on investment. 

Blaze vs. Coyote Grills: Pros and Cons Table Comparison

FeatureBlaze GrillsCoyote Grills
Build QualityPremium 304 and 443 stainless steelHigh-quality 304 stainless steel throughout
DesignSleek, modern; good for outdoor kitchensStylish; ideal for luxury outdoor kitchens
Heat DistributionHeat zone separators for multi-zone cookingCeramic briquette flame tamers
Cooking FeaturesOptional infrared burners for searingCharcoal tray and ceramic infrared burner
Ease of MaintenanceFull-width drip tray; easy to cleanEasy to clean with lift-out components
WarrantyLifetime warranty on most partsLifetime on frame, housing, burners; tiered on others
Value for MoneyHigh-quality at an affordable priceExcellent features and build quality
Consumer FeedbackPositive reviews for quality and valuePositive reviews for features and durability
PriceAffordable but still priceyHigher price point
Heat OutputSlightly lower BTUsHigher BTUs with powerful burners
Extra FeaturesRotisserie kit sold separatelyCharcoal trays and ceramic flame tamers are sold separately

Consumer Feedback and Reviews

Both Blaze and Coyote have a loyal customer base and receive positive reviews overall. According to reports and surveys, customers praise the quality and cooking performance of both brands. 

However, there are some common complaints reported by the users. Some of the users find difficulties in using components such as burners or ignite.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a top-notch grill is an important decision. Similarly selecting the right brand is tricky. Blaze and Coyote are both reputable brands that offer excellent grills. Their grills’s advanced features elevate your outdoor cooking experience. Which brand to choose depends on personal preferences and individual needs.

Choosing a good grilling brand could be hard but it guarantees years of tasty meals and enjoyable moments.

 So why wait? It’s time to marinate your favorite meat and start cooking.

Noreen Asghar
Noreen Asghar

Noreen Asghar is a food writer who develops halal food recipes and creates delicious dishes at home. She knows a lot about cooking and cooks unique sauces and food quickly. Her recipes are creative and quickly made so that anyone can cook at home. She also contributes recipes to Global Food Frenzy.

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