Blaze vs Napoleon grills - Which one is best? - Comparison

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When it’s time for a BBQ party, or your restaurant business needs a grill. But which grill brand should we choose Blaze or Napoleon ? Should we purchase a gas grill or an electric grill?

This question comes to mind while buying the grill product. Throughout my research, I check out the many branded products in the market for our kitchen. Some products are expensive, while cheaper grill products have less function and poor build quality.

After working hard, I found the Napoleon and Blaze Grills. Both grills are of good quality and have many functions. Both brands are leading brands in the industry and offer many restaurant and kitchen appliances. I will tell you about their features, cooking performance, build quality, and pros and cons, which will help you make a good decision.

Napoleon Grill Features

Napoleon Grill Features:

Napoleon is a well-known brand in the manufacturing company of cooking accessories. Its build quality is superior because it uses triple-coated premium steel with new technology, which makes it corrosion-resistant and bulletproof.

The Napoleon BBQ Grills use Jetfire ignition, Stay-lit burners, and an Infrared sear station, which can raise temperatures to 1800°F in seconds. We can use gas and charcoal in their grill, which gives a unique taste and flavor.

The Napoleon grills have twice the number of sear plates, which distribute the heat properly to the food and give a better taste. The knobs of the Napoleon girl have lights. You can choose any color and set brightness according to your mood. For safety purposes, the red color glows when the burner is on.

If you are cooking BBQ or any food at the picnic point and the burner blows out from the wind, the Napoleon grill system relights the burner automatically.

Blaze Grill Features

Blaze Grill Features:

On the other hand, Blaze is also a reputable manufacturer company of cooking accessories. It gained popularity for its exceptional durability and performance. They also use heavy-duty, rust-resistant stainless steel, which provides a long life for the grill.

The Blaze grills offer both gas & charcoal grills, which you can use indoors or outdoor kitchen setups

In gas grills, the blaze has 4 categories,

  1. Professional LUX 
  2. Premium LTE
  3. Premium LTE 
  4. Prelude LBM 

Commercial-quality stainless steel is used for all these above grill products. The blaze grills use a Bainfrared rear rotisserie burner with a rotisserie kit. This kit is waterproof, so you need not worry about cleaning it. The blaze grills come with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Blaze Grill Company has patented of Flame-Tamer technology, which means its grills distribute heat widely across the cooking surface & prevent hot spots.

While in the Charcoal grill has 2 models:

  1. Blaze 20-Inch Cast Aluminum Kamado
  2. Blaze 32-Inch Charcoal Grill

Both models are different in design. In Blaze Aluminum Kamado, the whole body is made up of cast aluminum. The shape of the product is hex with 20-inch diameter stainless steel. The Innovative seal which gives better heat retention.

The other model has 4 individual cooking grids, an easy-to-clean pull-out ash pan, and a double-lined grill hood that maintains more heat.

Comparison of Napoleon VS Blaze Grills

Comparison of Blaze VS Napoleon Grills

Performance and Cooking Quality:

  • The Napoleon grill uses triple-coated premium steel, and the Jetfire™ ignition system, which provides constant heat distribution.
  • The Accu-Probe™ system of the Napoleon grills has a slight edge, which gives better results in cooking.
  • While in the blaze, Flame-Tamer technology and commercial-grade burners are used, which provide a similar level of cooking.
  • The Blaze grills have zonal cooking capabilities, which provide different cooking zones. This is beneficial for Restaurants that cook multiple types of food.

Design and Build Quality

  • The Napoleon brand has a traditional grill design with many stylish options. Their design is the best and most attractive. Their grills have features like WAVE™ cooking grids and the Jetfire™ ignition system.
  • The Blaze brand uses Commercial-quality stainless steel to make grills, which provide modern aesthetic looks and are good for outdoor kitchen setups.

Price and Value for Money

  • The Napoleon brand is priced high because of its premium features and exceptional build quality.
  • The Blaze brand has low prices compared to the Napoleon; if you have a startup of your business, then this brand is suitable for you.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Both brands have positive customer reviews and ratings, while Napoleon Grills has more customer feedback due to their exceptional cooking capabilities.
  • On the other hand, the Blaze brand also has good ratings due to its exceptional build quality and long-lasting performance, making it a popular choice for a start-up business.

Which Grill is the Best?

Choosing between Napoleon and Blaze grills depends on your preferences, budget, and specific needs. Napoleon grills have premium features, exceptional cooking capabilities, and a traditional design; they are best for outdoor events

However, if you’re looking for a durable, high-performing, and affordable, then Blaze Grills is the best option for your business.

I encourage you to carefully consider the factors that are most important to you and make an informed decision.

Yes, Blaze grills are good brand. Their grills are durable and offer affordable prices value in the premium grill market. 

Absolutely, yes Napoleon grills are very well know brand in the grill brand.  They offer a range of models, from portable grills to full outdoor kitchen setups. 

The Napoleon’s main competitors are Weber and Blaze. 

The Napoleon’s main competitors are Weber and Blaze. 

No, Blaze grills are not made in the USA. They are manufactured in China but popular in the US market for their high quality grills. 



John Thompson has been grilling for over 5 years. He loves sharing his favorite recipes and tips on his blogs. He writes for top food magazines. John also teaches grilling workshops to help others enjoy BBQ as much as he does.

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