Best Napoleon Charcoal Grill Series - Chart Comparison

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Make your outdoor cooking experience better with Napoleon Charcoal grills. The Napoleon Grill brand is a leading manufacturer of high-quality indoor and outdoor cooking grills. The Napoleon has built a reputation for innovation, durability, and exceptional performance. 

Products of Napoleon Charcoal Grills

Products of Napoleon Charcoal Grills

The Napoleon offers two Charcoal grill products to cook any halal recipe. Below are the 2 Charcoal grill series. 

  • Charcoal Pro Series: Napoleon brand has 4 different models in this series. In this series, you will find features like full-sized grilling,  compact and mobile Charcoal PRO Kettle Grills and stability.
  • Charcoal Premium Series: The Napoleon grill brand has 3 different models in this series. In this series you will get features like Grill and slow roast, smoke of wood chips and chunks.
Chart Comparison of Napoleon Grill Charcoal Pro Series

Chart Comparison of Napoleon Grill Charcoal Pro Series

Professional 22 Charcoal CartProfessional 22 Charcoal KettleProfessional 605 Charcoal Cart
22-inch Diameter22-inch Diameter -
360 in² Cooking Area360 in² Cooking Area605 square inches

Sturdy Cart Design with Modular Lower Panel Storage

Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Iconic WAVE™ Cooking Grids
Rust resistant, Durable stainless steel barbecue Grills that can handle any type of weather condition & remains stylish
Hinged Cooking Grids + Three Height AdjustmentsHinged Cooking Grids + Three Height AdjustmentsUnique rear charcoal rotisserie burner + Spit rod

Vortex Heat Management

Vortex Heat Management
Easily add charcoal or add fresh wood for smoking through the front door
ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature GaugeACCU-PROBE™ Temperature GaugeACCU-PROBE Temperature Gauge
Removable Ash CatcherRemovable Ash CatcherSlide-out ash and drip pan

Heat Diffuser

Heat Diffuser
Air vents which allow temperature control when burning charcoal


Extension Ring + Rotisserie Holder
Different modes of charcoal grilling + Adjustable charcoal bed, raising and lowering the charcoal
Chart Comparison of Napoleon Grill Charcoal Premium Series

Chart Comparison of Napoleon Grill Charcoal Premium Series

Premium 14 Charcoal KettlePremium 18 Charcoal KettlePremium 22 Charcoal Kettle
150 in² Cooking Area296 in² Cooking Area360 in² Cooking Area
14-inch Diameter18-inch Diameter22-inch Diameter
Dual-section Charcoal BasketsStainless Steel Cooking GridStainless Steel Cooking Grid
Adjustable Air VentsRemovable Ash CatcherRemovable Ash Catcher
Carry Handle & Locking Lid LatchesBuilt-in Lid HangerBuilt-in Lid Hanger
Stainless Steel Cooking GridStainless Steel Cooking GridStainless Steel Cooking Grid
Porcelain-Enameled Lid and BowlStainless Steel Air VentsStainless Steel Air Vents
Touch HandleTouch HandleTouch Handle
Sturdy four Legged DesignSturdy four Legged DesignSturdy four Legged Design
Easy AssembleEasy AssembleEasy Assemble
Rugged Weather-Proof WheelsRugged Weather-Proof Wheels
ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature GaugeACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge

Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Napoleon Grill:

 Proper maintenance and cleaning are also essential because they give longevity and optimal performance to the grills. Follow the tips to keep your grills in top condition.

  1. Cleaning the Cooking Grids: When you have finished cooking, take a brush and clean the oil residue from the stainless steel grills. 
  2. Maintain the Burners: Regularly check and clean the burners. By doing this prevents clogging and provides proper heat distribution.
  3. Empty the Ash Catcher: Always empty and clean the Ash catcher tray properly. 
  4. Cover the Grill: Always protect the grill with a high-quality grill cover.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Both brands offer high-quality grills, but the Napoleon Grill is a well-known brand that provides innovative, unique features and superior performance, which sets it apart from competitors.

Yes, Napoleon BBQ grills are highly recommended for their durability, advanced technology, and exceptional cooking results, making them a popular choice among grill enthusiasts.

Investing in a Napoleon grill brand because it is one of the best brands, which provides cutting-edge features, excellent craftsmanship, and reliable performance.

The Napoleon grills provide superior quality materials used in construction, advanced technology and an excellent brand reputation in the grilling industry.



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