Top-Rated Halal Food Restaurants in USA : Where to Eat Halal

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Halal Food Restaurants In The USA

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Halal food restaurants in USA is becoming a culinary sensation. Do you know why? The United States is the third-most populated country in the world, with 333 million people, in which 1.3% are Muslims. Islam is the third-largest religion in the United States, with 4,329,000 Muslims.

However, this number is expected to increase. The reason behind this is immigration and a higher birth rate among Muslim Americans. If you want to know why Halal food is gaining popularity, continue reading. 

In this article, we will explore Halal food in restaurants in the USA, its history, regional variations, and much more. 

Before discussing the halal food options in USA restaurants , let’s examine some historical aspects.

History of Halal Food Restaurants in USA

History of Halal Food Restaurants in the USA

Halal food has been in the American market since the early 20th century. It started when Middle Eastern refugees brought their cooking methods to major cities like New York and Chicago. Halal food started gaining popularity with the growth of South Asian and African communities in the USA.

With time, Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking habits have heavily influenced American halal food. Professionals blend traditional American dishes with halal foods to create various flavors and dishes. 

Some famous milestones include the opening of halal restaurants and the creation of certification agencies. It first formed the leading certification agencies, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and the Halal Food Authority (HFA).

Halal Food Options in USA Restaurants

Halal Food Options in USA Restaurants

There is no short list of Halal food options in USA restaurants. The restaurants offer a wide range of evolving dishes, and their professional chefs continue experimenting to provide a delicious range of Halal food. 

The most demanded and served halal food in restaurants in the USA are burgers and sandwiches made with halal beef or chicken. The reason behind its broader demand is that people consider it a quick and satisfying meal. When discussing Middle Eastern favorites, they like shawarma, falafel, gyro, etc.

In addition to these fantastic dishes, restaurants in the USA also offer curries, biryanis, halal BBQs, halal tacos, and kebabs to South Asians.

Major Restaurant Chains Offering Halal Options

After seeing the growing demand for halal food in restaurants in the USA, The Halal Guys, Shake Shack, and Five Guys have started offering halal options. By entering these big names in the market for halal food, it became easier for Muslims to find them. 

In addition to these prominent names, some independent and local restaurants started offering halal food. Below is a list that depicts Halal food in restaurants in the USA with some facts about it. 

Look at these to blow your mind.

Restaurant NameLocationSpecialtyOwnerEstablished
The Halal GuysNew York, NYGyro and Chicken PlattersAhmed Elsaka1990
Shake ShackMultiple LocationsHalal Chicken (selected locations)Danny Meyer2004
Five GuysMultiple LocationsHalal Beef Burgers (selected outlets)Murrell Family1986
Shah's Halal FoodLong Island, NYHalal Platters and WrapsVarious Franchise Owners2005
Bismillah CafeHouston, TXHalal BBQ and Pakistani CuisineShah Family2003
Halal TimeChicago, ILDeep-dish Halal PizzaAhmed Khan2010
Mamoun's FalafelNew York, NYFalafel and ShawarmaMamoun Family1971
Salaam NamasteSan Francisco, CAIndian Halal DishesAli Hussain2008
Naan & KabobLos Angeles, CAHalal Afghan CuisineJamal Ahmad2015
Mr. KabobDetroit, MIMediterranean Halal FoodFouad Haddad2002

Challenges in Serving Halal Food in USA  Restaurants

Serving Halal Food in USA  Restaurants

The USA is not a Muslim country, so it is not easy to provide halal food options there. There is a list of restaurant owner’s and difficulties with their food servings.

Here are some of the most robust challenges faced by restaurants:

  1. Limited halal ingredients are available, which means higher costs. The provision of halal food requires careful planning and maintaining halal standards.
  2. Halal food Restaurants must also train staff and ensure compliance with halal guidelines. Some rules include understanding dietary restrictions and properly handling ingredients.
  3. Selecting pure and lawful ingredients requires knowledge of Islamic diet rules that only some have. Despite these challenges, serving halal food presents substantial opportunities. The growing demand for halal food encourages the growth of halal restaurants in the USA. 


With the advancement of technology, everyone has a choice in every field of life. Just like all other products, halal products are also getting more attention. Muslims and non-Muslims like halal food due to its health benefits. 

Due to its availability and benefits, the popularity of halal food in restaurants in the USA is expected to grow. People like hala food due to its unique taste and wide range of preferences. 

Halal food has gained popularity because of its careful planning and commitment to halal standards. If you have yet to try halal cuisine, explore your local halal dining options.

With the rise of social media and online food platforms, it has become easier for consumers to discover new halal food in restaurants in the United States.

Noreen Asghar
Noreen Asghar

Noreen Asghar is a food writer who develops halal food recipes and creates delicious dishes at home. She knows a lot about cooking and cooks unique sauces and food quickly. Her recipes are creative and quickly made so that anyone can cook at home. She also contributes recipes to Global Food Frenzy.

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